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Jul works with varied clients, from entrepreneurs to non-profits to marketing agencies. Below are some examples of my work. The black-and-white examples with flowers below are rebranded work to ensure client confidentiality. They are all client work that I have created without AI.

Superior Support Collective – Case Study

I created logos and branding, branding guidelines, a target persona document, social banners and templates, business cards, video intros/outros, and a landing page. Although this project is no longer moving forward, I believe in it and the community we wanted to build.

Marketing Audit, Logo Design, and Brand Guidelines
  1. A marketing audit reviews a current snapshot of your online presence. It is a detailed document with screenshots showing what your potential audience sees and how we can improve it. It can include both a website and social media presence. I have included here a short doc of thoughts about my website. Marketing audits can span many pages if you have a detailed website and social presence.
  2. I have created or tweaked many logos. Sometimes, tweaks can reinvigorate a project or confirm that it is no longer a primary focus.
  3. Branding Guidelines—This document includes brand colours, logo variations, typography, and photography tone. I will also walk you through the document to explain how it should be used within your organization and when a third party, such as an event, uses your logo/branding.
Websites, Landing Pages, Portfolio Websites, One Page Project Sites, Etc.
  1. I am most comfortable with WordPress for website design, maintenance, and management. I have used many different WordPress themes, including Elementor and WPBakery. I have also built landing pages in Squarespace and edited websites in Wix.
  2. This website is built on WordPress. Image from Wikipedia.
  3. Landing Page for an event with an email marketing sign-up form.
  4. One-page independent contractor website with contact form.

Additional Website Work:

  • Website Content Management – general updates to content, images, and/or links, etc.
  • WordPress Maintenance is essential – WordPress, themes, and plug-ins require regular updates to keep your website secure.
  • Blog Management—You write the content (with or without ChatGPT). I will set up the blog post, review basic SEO to help your post get more exposure, and task you with writing the content! Blog management and email marketing can go hand in hand.
  • Notion for a Website CSM? I have built a blogging website that used Notion as a framework through Potion (dot) so.
Email Marketing
email design example

Email marketing is one of the primary services I offer to clients

  • Email marketing template design – in Beefree or Stripo
  • Email management – setup and scheduling in Mailchimp, Klayvio, or any other email management system (they are all somewhat similar)
  • Email drip campaigns and sequence automation – creation, implementation, and management
  • Customer Relationship Management within your existing email management system
Other Marketing
  1. I designed an eBook for a lead generation campaign with a Mailchimp automation sequence.
  2. Google Ads campaign design.
  3. Google Ads management—I have managed multiple client Google Ads accounts, including search, display, and shopping ads, and set up Google Merchant Centre for a retail client’s shopping ads. I have pixelated screenshots of the Google Ad accounts and the Google Partner requirements. I did the certifications to have the Agency I worked for added to the Google Partner program. I managed over $10,000USD worth of advertising.

I am fortunate to work with various incredible clients on varying projects. Some other examples of work that I do:
– Presentation creation – Google Slides, PowerPoint, Canva
– Business aystem design
– Document control – file organization and process creation
– Project management
– Market research
– Content calendar management